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Some common problems associated with shrink film are 1) inconsistencies in the finished quality with irregular-shaped containers and delicate contents that cannot be exposed to steam shrinking, 2) labor-consuming machine setup and maintenance with wide variety, small lot jobs, and 3) an inability to reduce the thickness of either the film or the container walls.

NTS is pleased to say that we have made constant advances in shrink sleeve technology and solved all three of these problems. At our customersユ request, here we have put together a report on our cutting-edge technology and the latest examples of its application in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and electrical industries.

This report is ideal for companies that seek to improve 1) the appearance of their shrink sleeve products, 2) the time and labor required of their machine operators, and 3) production costs.

Many customers who have used our technology say production speed has doubled with equipment that only takes up about half the space of conventional shrink sleeve machines (thus greatly reducing energy costs, too).

We hope that this constantly advanced shrink sleeve technology - which has a track record with countless brand owners including Shiseido, Pola, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and Panasonic Electric Works - will help your company as well.

Koji Okada, President
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