Cutting-edge shrink sleeve technology

TORNADO method

The TORNADO Method supplies hot air from four sides around the container, literally creating a tornado effect in the tunnel. Upon entering this zone, the job (product) is instantly and flawlessly fitted with the shrink sleeve. The sheer speed and impeccable finish are truly impressive.

Nippon Technology Solution Co., Ltd. Conventional hot air tunnels generate an air current from the side, often causing wrinkles on the front and back ends of the job. It had become generally accepted that hot air tunnels do not produce a uniform shrink. One attempt to circumvent this was to rotate the job during the shrinking process.

The TORNADO Hot Air System draws inspiration from the opposite approach - rotating the hot air. There is no need for a rotating conveyor.

Key points TORNADO saves space. It occupies about half the area of conventional systems (in-house comparison). Naturally, this means increased productivity.

Hot air circulation mechanism

The hot air circulation mechanism circulates the hot air to control its temperature and airflow. It enables a uniform temperature distribution throughout the tunnel and a consistent airflow to reach the job.

Nippon Technology Solution Co., Ltd. Conventional hot air tunnels are developed for traditional PVC (polyvinyl chloride) film, which shrinks simply by blowing hot air onto it. There is no need to control airflow. They merely discharge heat and spread it through the tunnel.

The TORNADO Hot Air System was developed as a standard next-generation environment-conscious system. This means that film manufacturers use it in their laboratories to develop environment-conscious films and new film materials.

Key points TORNADO saves energy. It consumes about two-thirds the electricity of conventional systems (in-house comparison). It also leads to a cleaner, more uniform finish.

Optimal maintainability

TORNADO is easy to maintain and operate.
With wide variety, small lot productions being the mainstream in recent years, a single system handles numerous different jobs in a single day. And each job requires a distinct machine setup.

Nippon Technology Solution Co., Ltd. Conventional hot air tunnels require a trained, experienced operator to handle the changeover with each new job. On top of taking more than 30 minutes, the same settings as the previous lot seldom produce the same outcome.

The TORNADO Hot Air System narrows down the adjustment controls to just three: temperature, airflow volume, and shutter (preheat unit). All controls feature a digital display, so the same outcome can be achieved regardless of who adjusts them. Our system at NTS is operated by part-time workers.