Solutions made possible with the three features

A cleaner finish

Typical customer demands
1. I want an attractive sleeve for powdery and dry products, like black pepper and seaweed, which canユt be exposed to steam shrinking.
2. I want to use the same system for both products with a cap seal and paper label, and products with a full-shrink label.
3. I want a clean finish without damaging the container or the contents.

Solution: Demands met
1. Hot air shrinking produces the same results as steam shrinking.
2. It eliminates post-processing like removing water drops (which also simplifies the printing process).
3. A low temperature setting prevents contents from changing and container walls from deforming.

A simpler shrinking process

Typical customer demands
1. The shrinking process is so complex, it's adding to my personnel and material costs.
2. I want to reduce the cost of materials by using thinner container walls and shrink films.
3. I want to cut back on energy costs.

Solution: Demands met
1. The digitized shrinking process reduces personnel and material costs.
2. The TORNADO Method allows for thinner container walls and shrink films.
3. The hot air circulation mechanism saves energy.

Lower production costs

Typical customer demands
1. I want to streamline the machine setup process for wide variety, small lot productions.
2. I want to cut back on defects, which have multiplied with the change from PVC film to PET film.
3. I currently pass products through the tunnel twice and finish with a dryer, and want to compress this into one step.

Solution: Demands met
1. TORNADO produces the same outcome in each lot with just three controls: temperature, airflow volume, and shutter.
2. TORNADO handles all types of film including PET, OPS, and other environment-conscious films.
3. TORNADO processes jobs in one step, and doesnユt require special training or experience.